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All-Round" Anatomical "Briquetting Equipment

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What Is Briquetting Plant?

Briquetting machine is the equipment that presses the powder material into a ball. The briquette press machine has wide application, and can be used for pressing, granulating or pressing balls such as aluminum chip, activated carbon, charcoal, clay, coke breeze, coal, cryolite, chemical fertilizer, plastic, limestone and other materials, reducing dust, controlling unit weight, returning and utilizing, and improving transportation characteristics.

The briquette equipment is mainly used in: pulverized coal molding; dry powder molding; desulphurization gypsum molding; coke powder molding; iron chips and all kinds of metal ore powder molding.

The briquetting machine can also be widely used in the tailings treatment of mineral resources to press the powdery material which is difficult to form, and is characterized in that the forming pressure is large, the number of the rotating speed of the main machine is adjustable, and the machine is equipped with a spiral feeding device.

Briquetting Machine Application

Briquetting Machine Application

The Types of Briquetting Machine?

Fote Machine has been committed to mineral processing technology research for more than 40 years, and its R & D department specializes in the production and sales of various types of briquette machine. The main types of ball briquetting equipment produced by our company are: coal briquetting machine, charcoal briquetting machine, iron powder briquetting machine, slurry briquetting machine, metal powder briquetting machine, aluminite briquetting machine, quicklime briquetting machine, dry powder briquetting machine, mineral powder briquetting machine, pulverized coal briquetting machine, gypsum briquetting machine, and other equipment.

Construction Composition of the Briquette Machines

The structure of briquette press is composed of three parts: feeding part, transmission part and forming part.

1. The feeding part is mainly to realize the quantitative feeding to ensure that the materials can enter the opposite roll room uniformly. If the feed quantity is too large, the charge of the feeding device will be overloaded; if the feed quantity is too small, materials will not take shape. Therefore, the skilled operation technique is an important condition to ensure that the machine can have shaped briquettes.

2. The transmission part, the main transmission system is: motor--triangular belt—reducer--open-type gear--roll. The hydraulic protection device is driven by a hydraulic pump to drive high-pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder to cause axial displacement of the piston. The front joint of the piston rod is placed on the bearing housing to meet production pressure requirements.

3. The forming part mainly refers to a main machine part, and the core part is a roller.

The pressure can be adjusted according to the density of the pressure ball, and the production is flexible.

Briquetting Plant Working Principle

Briquetting Plant Working Principle

Why Press It into a Ball?

Briquetting Machine Production Line

Briquetting Machine Production Line

How Does Ball Briquetting Machine Form a Mineral Production Line?

The common equipment of complete briquette processing production line is: jaw crusher, automatic proportion feeder, double shaft mixer, briquette machine and mesh belt dryer, etc. According to your own conditions, equipment can be freely matched, and selectively purchase.

Briquetting Process

Briquetting Process

Instructions for the Use

The main equipment of briquetting production line is dryer, mixer, conveyor and so on.

Use Aspect

1. The conveyor plays a reload and transportation role in the briquetting pressing production line, and the normal operation of the conveyor is very important. Remember to adjust the conveyor so that the equipment can run normally in the subsequent production and do a good job of periodic maintenance of the conveyor.

2. The mixer is a kind of necessary equipment for the mixing and homogenization of the materials with the binder or other additives. Attention should be paid to the proportion of materials and additives in the course of use. If water is added, the degree of dryness and humidity can be shaped by hand, which can be mastered by yourself in production.

3. The feeding belt conveyor before the briquette machine must be equipped with a magnet to avoid damaging the pressing machine equipment.

Material requirements

1. The particle size of the material is 90×260 mesh.

2. No metal is allowed in the material. Otherwise, the roller surface will be damaged.

3. The feeding must be satisfied, and a vibrating feeder with adjustable speed should be used. Observing the amount of feed to adjusting the supply of new materials.

4. Make sure the machine is running empty for a few weeks before filling. In case the briquette machine has too much material, the reducer and the motor are overloaded, and the roller shaft of the briquette machine is turned off.

Briquetting Shape

Briquetting Shape


Roll skin, Rolling bearing, Nozzle, V-belts.

Installation Instructions

Before installing the briquetting machine, the pipeline laying should be carried out strictly in accordance with the electrical specification, and the strong electricity and the weak telecom line should be separated and applied to avoid interference. In outdoor open environment, independent external lightning protection measures should be taken. The briquette machine itself should also maintain a good grounding to prevent static accumulation and other factors, because these will affect the work of the ball press.

When installing, connect the power cord, communication line and video cable correctly, and carefully refer to the requirements of the installation instructions when connecting. Generally, the equipment should be installed at the later stage of construction in order to avoid a large amount of dust invading the briquetting machine at the construction site, which directly affects its service effect and life.

"Convenient installation" is the characteristic of briquette machine, but the design of different brands of ball press is still uneven. Many international famous brands have a set of instant and effective installation, debugging and troubleshooting solutions in addition to the provision of human-friendly products.

Here, the common matters needing attention and the effective methods of troubleshooting in practical engineering are briefly put forward. Only the proper installation and proper maintenance can make the briquette machine play its rightful place.

Briquetting Machine

Installation of Briquetting Machine

Note 1: Power Supply

In order to ensure the normal operation of the briquette machine, the power supply should not be lower than the nominal value of the input voltage of the briquette machine. The nominal value is 24VAC, and the voltage fluctuation should not exceed ±25%. The common working voltage of ball press is 24VAC.

How do you make sure that the briquette machine has got enough power to drive it? You can use the multimeter test. It is particularly important to note that when the heater starts or stops, the power consumed by the outdoor briquette machine is very different, and the maximum power supply required by the ball press machine in the worst environment must take into account when supplying power to the outdoor briquette machine.

Note 2: Ground Connection

The grounding of the briquetting machine is mainly divided into shell grounding and internal electrical grounding. The grounding of the shell is mainly used for preventing static accumulation, electric leakage and so on, and the outdoor ball-pressing machine is also specially equipped with external lightning protection measures. The data line and video cable in the briquetting machine have been grounding, and the GND end in the briquetting machine has been connected with the ground wire to ensure the effective grounding of the equipment.

Note 3: Waterproof Measures

The installation of outdoor briquetting machine must be waterproof. For suspension installation, there is a gap between the ball press and the bracket, if the rain and snow weather, water will infiltrate into the interior along the gap to cause detriment. Therefore, it is also very important to take waterproof and sealing measures to prevent rain water from entering the briquetting machine installation support from the screw interface. It is recommended to choose the original support.

Note 4: Heat Dissipation

The problem of heat dissipation during the operation of the ball-pressing machine must also be considered. Some brands of briquetting machine on the market do not have outdoor models, so they cannot be directly used outdoors, must be equipped with outdoor protective cover and other accessories. The ball-pressing equipment of the Fote Machinery is equipped with sunshade, heater and double cooling fan, so as to adapt to the harsh or extreme temperature difference outdoor environment.

Note 5: Equipment Commissioning

After the installation of each ball press, the single debugging should be carried out first, which can reduce the burden on the whole system debugging.


The briquetting machine generally work outdoors and withstand wind and rain, so it is easy to rust. According to experience, the following rust prevention techniques are given.

>>Anticorrosive paint: Apply mineral oil, paint or firing enamel, spray molding to iron products.

>>Chemical rust removal: A dense and stable oxide film can also be produced on the outer surface of iron products by chemical method to prevent rust of iron products. It is important to use acid to produce chemical reactions with metal oxides, so as to remove the corrosion products of metal appearance of ball press.

>>Electroplating and hot plating: The outer surface of the steel is plated with a layer of metal that is not easily rusted by electroplating or hot-plating, such as zinc, tin, chromium, and nickel. Because these metals can form a dense oxide film, thus can preventing iron products from rust in contact with water, air and other substances.

>>High-pressure water abrasive for rust removal: The impact of the high-pressure water jet and the sled action are used to comminute the rust and the load on the steel sheet. It is characterized by no dust purification, no damage to the steel plate, and good rust removal quality. It also need to apply professional wet rust removal paint.

Briquetting Machine maintenance.jpg

Some Maintenance Methods of Briquetting Machine

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