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Copper Ore Processing Equipment

author imageBy Fote Machinery Editer

Copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals, ferrous and non-metal.

Production Capacity:0.18-7 (m ³/min)

Configuration:Jaw crusher, ball mill, sprial classifier, flotation machine, concentrator machine and dryer machine.

Basic Information of Copper Ore

Copper ore is mined from copper mine, and it can be processed into copper concentrate or copper ore with higher grade copper. Copper concentrate needs to be smelting royalty to become fine copper and copper products. The main types of copper ores are: natural copper, chalcopyrite, porphyry, pyroxene, azurite, copper blue, which Mainly used in copper ore mainly used in the metallurgical industry, as the raw material of the metallurgical industry. As the professional mining equipment manufacturer, Fote Machinery has made a deep research to the characteristics of copper. Now Fote Machinery introduces some copper ore processing equipment for you.

Copper Ore.jpg

Copper Ore

The Main Use of Copper Ore

Copper has a wide range of uses and is an essential raw material for all sectors of the national economy and people's life. Copper is a non-ferrous metal closely related to human beings. It is widely used in the fields of electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, national defense industry, etc. It is second only to aluminum in the consumption of non-ferrous metal materials in China.

Copper Ore Processing Process

1.The bulk copper ore material is uniformly fed into the jaw crusher by the vibration feeder for primary crushing.

2.The coarse copper ore is sent by belt conveyor to cone crusher or impact crusher for secondary crushing.

3.0.5 -- 5 mm iron-copper ore is fed into the hopper, and the material is vibrated by the vibrating motor. The discharging quantity can be precisely adjusted by hand wheel. The magnetic roller is driven by the speed regulating motor, and the speed of rotation is adjusted by the speed regulating meter, which can control the output and concentrate grade of the magnetic separator.

4.Because the gangue dropped by the upper magnetic roller sandwiched with some ore particles with weaker magnetism, they will enter the lower magnetic roller to continue magnetic separation, and the finished ore particles after magnetic separation will enter the second concentrator bucket and be collected as finished products. The thrown gangue will be discharged through the tailings port, and the magnetic separation process is completed.

Production Process.jpg

Production Process

The Introduction of Copper Ore Processing Equipment

Copper ore crusher is for the extraction of copper ore coarse crushing, and the equipment that is based on the advantages of the jaw crusher and combined with the special crushing equipment of copper mine produced by the nature of the copper mine. It has a very good performance advantage.

Copper Ore Processing Equipment-Jaw Crusher.jpg

Jaw Crusher

The ball mill is to further grind and crush the crushed copper ore particles, which mainly uses the grinding medium in the cylinder to complete the grinding operation.

Copper Ore Processing Equipment-Ball Mill.jpg

Ball Mill

The traditional flotation machine can not achieve the ideal flotation effect of copper mine. In view of this, Fote Machinery has developed and produced flotation machines for copper mines according to the properties of copper mines. Its structure and performance are more suitable for the copper mine itself, with mineral processing effect.

Copper Ore Processing Equipment-Flotation.jpg

Flotation Machine

The flotation copper concentrate contains a certain amount of water, so it needs to be dried and dehydrated by a dryer. The equipment is produced by using high-quality steel and mature technology, which has good product advantages.

Copper Ore Processing Equipment-Rotary-Dryer.jpg

Rotary Dryer

The Features of Copper Ore Processing Equipment

The copper ore processing production line and equipment equipped by Fote Machinery can proceed from the fundamental interests of customers, and make it more economical and reasonable, and have better application value.

In a word, if you want to invest in copper processing plants, if you want to obtain greater economic benefits, if you want to facilitate production, you can choose Fote Machinery.

Our company will tailor a reasonable production line for you according to the actual situation, and configure efficient processing equipment, to ensure that you achieve economic benefits.

Customer Case

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