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Magnetic Separating Plant

author imageBy Fote Machinery Editer

Wet and dry type magnetic separation for materials smaller than 3mm such as magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore and titanic iron ore.

Production Capacity:10-280TPH

Configuration:Jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, concentrator and dryer.

The Introduction Magnetic Separation Process

Magnetic separation is not only common in mineral processing, but also a common method, which has the advantages of simple and easy operation, reasonable process, economical investment and high recovery rate. It is suitable for wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials below particle size 3mm, and is also used for iron removal of coal, non-metallic ore, building materials and other materials.

Magnetic separation makes use of magnetic differences between minerals to separate material, which occupies a very important position in iron ore separation field. Magnetic separating plant has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and high ore dressing index. Especially for the separation of magnetite ore, magnetic separation is almost the only ore dressing method. Reasonable magnetic plant, magnetic separation process and magnetic separation equipment are very important for the separation of iron ore.

 Magnetic Separation Process Flow

Magnetic plant or magnetic separation process is mainly used for separation of magnetic minerals, which includes dry and wet magnetic separation process. The equipment used in iron ore magnetic separation plant mainly includes crusher, vibrating screen, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, tailings recovery machine, etc.

The material in the storage bin is sent to a PE-type jaw crusher to be first broken through a vibrating feeder, and the first broken material is driven by a conveyor to enter jaw crusher to be secondly broken, and the two broken materials are sent to a vibrating screen to check the discharging granularity. The material with unqualified particle size is broken again by the cone crusher, and the qualified material is sent to the ball mill for grinding, and the ground mineral is classified by the classifier according to the size, and the unqualified mineral is sent to the ball mill to continue to be ground. The qualified minerals are sent to the magnetic separator for coarse selection, and then the second magnetic separator is used for selecting, and the selected materials are dehydrated to obtain the corresponding mineral products.

Magnetic Separating Production Line.jpg

The Production Line of Magnetic Separating Plant

The Advantages of Magnetic Separating Plant

Magnetic Separating Plant Benefits.jpg

The Application of Magnetic Separating Plant

Magnetic separation is the preferred ore dressing method for manganese ore. Manganese ore belongs to the weak magnetic minerals, which should be separated by magnetic separator with a strong magnetic field. According to the current separation situation of manganese ore, using the coarse particles magnetic separation for pre-enrichment has a broad development prospect. According to the practice of the manganese industry, the coarse particle level refers to the ore particle which is greater than 5mm. Therefore, adopting the strong magnetic separation of coarse grains as the rough separation of manganese ore is an effective and simple measure.

Magnetic Separating Site.jpg

Magnetic Separation Process Site

Magnetic Separating  Site .jpg

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