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Chrome Ore Processing Plant

author imageBy Fote Machinery Editer

More than 30 kinds of chromium ores in military, aviation, automobile, national defense, shipbuilding and other fields.

Capacity: 10-280TPH

Configuration: Ball mill, spiral separator, flotation machine, etc. and other auxiliary equipment includes jaw crusher, mixing bucket, concentrator, dryer and so on.

The Introduction of Chrome Ore Processing Plant

For its high strength, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and other characteristics, chromium metal is widely used as an indispensable main materials in metallurgical industry, military, aviation, automobile, national defense, shipbuilding and other fields. In addition, it can also be used to make refractories, catalysts, pigments, textiles and so on.

Generally speaking, the mineral processing of chromium ore is simple, which is divided into: crushing, grinding, floatation and dehydration.The simple step flow is as follows:

After mining, the chromium ore is initially broken and rough processed by jaw crusher, and then entered the ball mill to grind and process into ore powder (pulp), and the ore powder (pulp) is reasonably graded by the classifier. The unqualified slurry is sent to the ball mill for re-grinding and processing. Otherwise, the qualified slurry is sent to the flotation machine for efficient flotation after being fully mixed with the reagent, so as to achieve the high-grade chromium slurry. Then the concentrator carries on the high efficiency concentration, and the dryer carries on the dehydration drying.

What Equipment is Needed for Chromium Ore Processing?

Jaw crusher is one kind of widely used crushing equipment with a long history. It is basically for all stone crushing, which is generally used for the coarse crushing treatment of chromium ore. The structure and working principle of the equipment are very simple, and the price is also relatively low. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, small occupied area, low energy consumption, strong crushing ability, less pollution, low noise, low fault, easy maintenance, long life and so on. Therefore it is the mostly welcome choice among investors.

Jaw Crusher

Ball mill is the main equipment for further grinding and processing of the chromium ore after the crushing and separation. It can be continuously produced, and has strong grinding ability and many types of models, which can meet the production needs of various scale chrome ore dressing plants. It can meet the production needs of various scales chromium ore separation plants. In addition, the equipment grinding ratio is large, and the fineness of the product is easy to adjust.

Ball Mill

Flotation machine, as the main equipment of chromium ore dressing plant, belongs to the main force on the beneficiation production line. The method is mainly used for finishing the concentration of the chromium ore. It has the advantages of simple structure, high flotation precision, simple operation, proper tailing treatment, less pollution, low noise and so on.

Flotation Machine

The spiral classifier, abbreviated as the grader, is another kind of equipment for the grading treatment of ore powder (pulp) after being ground by the ball mill.

Spiral Classifier

The rotary dryer is a kind of dewatering equipment mainly used to dry the chromium ore concentrate. The dryer can make the chromium ore concentrate fully contact and absorb the heat energy so that the moisture in the material is fully removed.

Rotary Dryer.jpg

How to Choose and Purchase Crusher for Chrome Mine Processing

In the face of all kinds of chromium ore processing and crusher manufacturers in the market, it is difficult for investors to choose. Here, it is suggested that you should go to Fote Machinery manufacturer to choose and buy, because our company is a good crusher manufacturer in China. Our products are of high quality with stable performance and are exported to more than 160 countries. For about 40 years, FTM has won a good reputation internationally. 

Moreover, the price of stone crusher produced by our company is reasonable, which is not only because our company is a direct supplier of mining machine, but also because our company has a set of strict production and management system that can save a lot of production costs, and the equipment price. In addition, Fote service quality is guaranteed by professional after-sales service teams with 24 hours a day online consultation. Over 2300 FTM employees always aim at maintaining good communication with customers, enlarging customer interests and solving customer troubles. In a word, the chromium ore processing machines and crusher produced by Fote Machinery are very worthy of purchasing!

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