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How to Choose the Right Mobile Crushing Plant?

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

The advent of mobile crushing plant has brought great convenience to our life. It has a great role in improving air pollution and air quality. When purchasing mobile crushing station, you can refer to the following text and combine with the specific use to select the right product.

Mobile Crushing Plant

Firstly, choose the type of mobile crusher based on the material being crushed. For example, if the raw materials to be crushed are relatively large, then we should choose the machine with large feed opening. Usually, the feed inlet of jaw crusher and impact crusher are relatively large, while the hammer crusher has small feed opening. However, there are special circumstances, this time we need to use the jaw crusher together with hammer crusher or other crushers.

Secondly, if the crushed materials are too hard, around 350 Mpa, such as pebbles, granite, etc., it usually uses jaw crusher or cone crusher when crushing these materials in consideration of economic benefits. Because the wearing parts of these two machines last longer than other machines, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

In addition, it's also very important to select the models of mobile crushing station according to the required output. If the output of the selected model is too small, it cannot meet the requirements, thus affecting efficiency. This choice is generally not desirable. If you choose a larger model, the yield will be guaranteed, but it also increases the cost of equipment, so it is best to choose the right type of equipment. This will not only meet capacity requirements, but also meet the budgetary requirements. If you do not have the exact model, then choose the closest model.

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