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What are the Application Fields of Rice Straw Pellet Mill?

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

Rice straw pellet mill is the equipment to process dry rice straw into rod-shaped particles through physical pressing. We are sure that you have known the general knowledge of rice straw pellet mill, and during the following passage, we will introduce some details about the applications of rice straw pellet mill.

Rice Straw Pellet Machine

The properties of rice straw pellet machine:

1. It has the advantages of simple structure, wide application, small occupied area, low noise.

2. The dry grass can be added for granulation without (or adding small amount of) liquid. So the moisture content of pellets is the water content before pellet making process, which is more conducive for storage.

3. The finished particles has high hardness, smooth surface, high internal ripening degree, which can kill the pathogenic microorganisms and parasites in general, which is suitable for burning to obtain higher economic benefits.

4. Rice straw pellet machine has 20 kinds of aperture mould, which can be adapted to different materials to achieve the best effect.

5. Rice straw pellet machine can adapt to different materials, so as to ensure the good suppression effect. For the compression and molding of sawdust and corn stalks, it takes a lot of pressure. For the same pellet making equipment, roller parts are the central components, which adopt the high quality alloy steel to improve the service life of roller.

Fote rice straw pellet mill has good quality, which is worthy of your trust. We are looking forward to your consult, and we will offer the best service for you wholeheartedly. Our company takes 'quality as life, the credibility of survival' as the purpose, and 'integrity, quality, service, high efficiency' as concept to create higher value for you!

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