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Crushing & Screening Equipment Is Applied in High-Intensity Concrete Aggregate

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

Aggregate refers to the incompact granular materials which acts as the skeleton and filler in concrete. Aggregate can be divided into coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. Coarse aggregate includes cobble, gravel, waste slag and so on, and fine aggregate includes fine sand, fly ash, etc.

Aggregate plays an irreplaceable role in the construction industry. For example, when mixing the concrete materials, the concrete after mixed with water and stirred will take on a state of thin paste. If there is no aggregate, concrete will not be shaped up. So we say that the aggregate is playing the role of skeleton in the construction industry.

Crushing and Screening Equipment

In view of today's rapid development in science and technology, the construction industry puts forward higher requirements for concrete, and high-intensity concrete is the development direction in the future. All in all, the quality of aggregate is a prerequisite for the development of high intensity concrete.

The most commonly used method to measure aggregate intensity is to adopt crushing index. In concrete structure, coarse aggregate acts as the big skeleton, accounting for more than 60% of the entire volume of the concrete. The quality and technical index of coarse aggregate not only restrict the strength of high-intensity concrete, but also affects its durability to a certain extent.

Due to the high-intensity concrete has a big collapsbillity and high sand percentage and consumes a large amount of cement, therefore, the coarse aggregate has little impact on the cohesiveness and water retention of the mixture, as well as the compactness after vibration molding.

Our crushing and screening equipment can effectively separate fine aggregate from coarse aggregate to guarantee the concrete quality and wisely used in construction industry, mining industry, and many other sectors.

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