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Biomass Fuel, You Are Worth It

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

According to the existing environment situation, biomass pellet fuel is drawing more and more attention now, and increasingly more people begin to study the production technique of biomass pellet. So the developing tendency of the biomass pellet machine is all the way up. The advantages of biomass pellet fuel reflect in the following aspects.

Biomass Pellet Machine

1. Granule-like particles, compressed volume, saving storage space, also facilitating transportation and lowering transportation cost.

2. High thermal energy of 3900 to 4800 kcal/ kg.

3. High purity, with carbon content of 75% to 85%, ash content of 3% to 6%, water content of 1% to 3%, absolutely free from coal gangue, stone and other impurities only consuming energy without generating heat.

4. Don't contain sulfur and phosphorus, without corrosion to the boiler and can prolong its service life.

5. No sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide generated during the combustion process, not conductive to acid rain and having no pollution to the atmosphere.

6. Clean and green, easy to feed, lightening labor intensity for workers, and greatly improving the working condition.

7. Less amount of ash residues after burned, greatly saving the area coverage to stack the cinder and reducing the cost of mucking and removing.

8. The ash after combustion is high-grade organic fertilizer, which can be recycled to create profits.

Biomass fuel belongs to renewable energy and is the nature's gift to us, which echos to the appeal of our government and contributing to creating the conservation-oriented society .

Biomass particles as a new type of pellet fuel has won a widespread recognition by its unique advantages. Compared with the traditional fuel, it has both economic advantages as well as environmental benefits, completely in conformity with the demand of sustainable development. Of course, the preparation of biomass pellet fuel can not leave our pellet machine.

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