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The Maintenance Knowledge of Fine Grinding Mill Gypsum

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

Here, I'm to summarize the precautions during the maintenance of fine grinding mill gypsum as follows:

1. In the using course, the fine grinding mill gypsum should be in the charge of special staff who is required to be qualified for a certain technical level. Before installing the fine gypsum grinding mill, the relevant operating personnel must receive a systematic technical training, so as to understand the principle and functions of fine gypsum grinding mill and get familiar with its operating instructions.

Fine Grinding Mill Gypsum

2. For the proper functioning of fine grinding mill gypsum, we should work out rules and regulations about the safety operation for equipment maintenance, so as to ensure the grinding mill running normally for a long period. Meanwhile, it is necessary to have access to maintenance tools, lubricating grease and spare parts.

3. After using for a period, the fine gypsum grinding mill should be have a thorough inspection and overhaul. At the same time, repair or replace fine gypsum grinding mill's grinding roller, grinding ring, shovel blade and other quick-wear parts. No matter before or after the use, we all need to carefully inspect the connection bolts and nuts of the grinding roller device, to make sure there is no looseness and no lack of lubricating grease.

4. Fine gypsum grinding mill's grinding roller device should be replaced by a new one after serving for more than 500 hours. When replacing, we should clean each rolling bearing in the rolling sleeve and change the damaged parts. In addition, the refueling tool is available to manual pump or grease gun.

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