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What Kinds of Flotation Reagents are used in Flotation Machines?

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

In the past hundred years, flotation reagents have special effect on the wide application of flotation process in mineral processing. There are five commonly used flotation reagents in flotation machines till now.

1. Collectors

It's interacted with the surface of minerals and attaches to the surface of the mineral to enhance the hydrophobicity of the mineral surface, which is beneficial for the ore to be captured on the bubble.

Flotation Machines

2. Foaming Agent

Foam is the medium for the flotation of ore grains in flotation process.

3. Inhibitor

Inhibitor is an agent for reducing mineral buoyancy. It can form a hydrophilic film on the surface of the ore grains and a colloid absorbing film, which inhibits the interaction between collector and mineral surface. At the same time inhibitors can also dissolve the adsorbed collector or dissolved mineral.

4. Activating Agent

Activator is to eliminate the inhibition and promote the flotation. It is an agent that forms easily with the collector in the mineral surface. In the current production practice, some minerals can not directly adsorb collectors. We often add activator to change the surface properties of minerals, so that it is conducive to the adsorption of collectors.

5. Medium Modifier

Its main role is to adjust the ph value of the slurry, adjust the effect of other agents and eliminate the harmful ion effects on flotation and adjust the dispersion and reunion of slime.

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