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The Solution to the Coarse Powder in Superfine Mill

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

Recently, the customer reflects the ultra-fine milling machine grinding coarse powder, which cannot meet the fineness requirements. Because it cannot reach the fineness of the specifications, so it seriously affects the economic benefits.

Here, Fote Machinery will analyze the coarse powder problem of ultrafine grinding mill. At first, we need to install and debug the equipment according to the requirements of the instructions. We can also consult a professional engineer when necessary. The coarse powder problem may be caused by the following factors:

superfine mill

1. Serious Wear on the Blades of Analysis Machine

We know that the main function of the analysis machine blades is to analyze the finished material. If the blades wear serious, it cannot analyze the finished material, so it may lead to grinding coarse powder of ultra-fine grinding mill. Therefore, we should change the blade in time to ensure that the analysis can be normal.

2. Air Volume of the Blower is not Suitable

When the air blower is not suitable, large or small air will have an impact on the fineness of finished materials, so to adjust the air blower air to make it right.

The above two points are the causes and solutions that may result in the coarse grinding of Ultrafine mills. If you encounter the same problem in the future, you can solve it in accordance with the method described above. If the trouble is difficult to solve, please contact us, we will send professional engineers to solve your problems

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