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Limonite Ore Processing Plant

author imageBy Fote Machinery Editer

Limonite Ore, Copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals, ferrous and non-metal.

Production Capacity:10-300TPH

Configuration:Jaw crusher, ball mill, sprial classifier, magnetic separator, concentrator machine and dryer machine.

The Introduction of Limonite Ore

The limonite is a kind of common iron mineral. Limonite shows various structures, such as massive, earthy, milky or grape-like structure. Limonite is mainly used in the chemical industry, building materials, refractory materials, metallurgy and other industrial fields, such as it can be used in the pigments manufacture and iron minerals smelting. Only the processed limonite can be applied to the corresponding industrial areas. Therefore, Fote Machinery specifically designs a reasonable limonite beneficiation production line according to the characteristics of limonite, which plays an important role in the improvement of mineral processing indicators and concentrate grade.

The Introduction of Limonite Ore Processing Plant

Limonite ore processing plant of Fote Machinery is mainly composed of jaw crusher, ball mill, spiral classifier, magnetic separator, dryer, and other equipment. The process of limonite beneficiation production line is divided into crushing, grinding, classification, magnetic separation and drying.

Jaw Crusher.jpg

Ball Mill And Spiral Classifier.jpg

Limonite Ore Processing Plant Processing Flow

Processing Flow.jpg

The core equipment of the limonite beneficiation process is the magnetic separator. It is necessary to select the right equipment and the right choice.For more information on the magnetic separator, please click online for more information.

Magnetic Separator .jpg

Limonite Industrial Value

After reasonable mineral processing equipment configuration and scientific limonite process design, the grade of iron concentrate will be increased by 35% and 40%. After simple smelting, metal iron can be used in industry, and it is widely used including: iron and steel production enterprises, which is the main raw material for steelmaking. Iron concentrate can be used in chemical, chemistry and other industries, but also can be used in medicine, agriculture, electronics, machinery and other fields. The industrial value is particularly considerable, worthy of investment!

Limonite Beneficiation Production Line Price

Besides the beneficiation production line process, price is also the most concerned problem of customers. Fote Machinery is always adhering to the principle of taking interests of users as the center. With low benefits, limonite beneficiation production line of Fote Machinery has 50,000-100,000 RMB price reduction than that of other manufacturers. Now please leave your email and demand on our website to make an online inquiry.

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