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How to Effectively Improve the Service Life of Cement Rotary Kiln?

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

In modern society, low carbon economy is more and more respected by people, so the status of cement rotary kiln is increasingly important. Cement rotary kiln is also called cement kiln, which can conduct dry process production and wet process production. It is mainly used to decrepitate cement clinker. The main part of the kiln includes a cylinder body, a supporting device and a kiln hood kiln head sealing device and a kiln tail sealing device, which is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, environmental protection, refractory materials and other industries. How to effectively protect the cement rotary kiln and improve its service life is the key. Fote Machinery has brought the following useful advice for you:

cement rotary kiln

1.The open and stop of cement rotary kiln is the key, hour temperature lower than 60℃, thermal control more than 300℃.Because the basic bricks for cement rotary kiln thermal expansion coefficient, the temperature of 1000℃ expansion rate is about 1-1.2%, in the drying kiln heating process, especially in the brick surface temperature 300 to 1000℃ within the region, the heating rate must be less than 60 DEG C /h. At the beginning of oil drying kiln, a certain temperature by using mixed combustion of coal and oil to save oil, brick surface temperature more than 1000℃ (in the case of fire brick surface dark red) instead of burning coal, which can better control the heating process.

2. The equipment is the foundation

The long-term safe operation of equipment is the strict implementation of basic ignition system. If the device status is not good, every month it needs to have several times and even ten times stop kiln, and each stop must use twenty hours drying kiln, regardless of time and cost are not afford, so the equipment is the foundation.

3. The kiln skin is the barrier.

The protective effect of rotary kiln crust on the alkaline brick is obvious, kiln crust presence can stress resulted in the decrease of brick internal temperature difference, so as to reduce the probability of chemical erosion, slow down the heat shock amplitude, reduce the high temperature ablation and high temperature state of the basic bricks wear of refractory brick. The surface temperature of the kiln body should not more than 370 degrees; otherwise, it should take early measures to cool down.

The calcination system of cement rotary kiln produced by our company has introduced the technical innovation, which adopts hydraulic pressure at home and abroad. It uses the most advanced block wheel device and the metering plunger pump, which has very high metering accuracy of high precision speed control valve and contact type graphite block sealing device as well as other domestic advanced technology. Experts remind the majority of users: the maintenance work of cement rotary kiln and is very important, so it must be operates by hand, and the best training system of operator should posts before, so as to ensure the normal operation of rotary kiln equipment in our production and extend the service life of the equipment.

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