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What Affect the Production Efficiency of Straw Pellet Mill?

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

As a kind of biomass fuel processing equipment, straw pellet machine is widely used in the current market. However, due to the improper operation or other factors, the using efficiency of straw pellet mill cannot achieve the ideal result. This is one of the questions that many customers need to solve. Therefore, how to take the measures to solve the working efficiency of straw pellet mill? In fact, if you are in accordance with the operation requirements of straw pellet machine manufacturer or technical personnel, the use efficiency of straw pellet machine will not be low.

Straw pellet machine

1. During the feeding process, try to maintain a uniform feeding of materials to keep the high speed operation of the machine, so the production process of pellet machine will also can be smoother.

2. From the structure perspective, customers should select the appropriate template aperture according to different purposes, in order to avoid the occurrence of low yield and material stuck phenomenon.

3. From the settings of parameters, the gap between the straw pellet machine template and the pressing wheel is very important, it is not only about the normal operation of equipment, but also affects the maturation degree of particles.

4. The control for the content of coarse fiber material. Crude fiber is a very important factor in the straw granulating process. If there is too much coarse fiber, the adhesive is poor, and it is difficult for press and forming, if the coarse fiber content is too small, it will not be conducive for forming. The best general control is in 5% or so. For the precise numerical concrete, please contact our technical staff, and your results are given according to your specific situation after our calculation.

5. Adding oil. During the production process, straw pellet machine should add just the right amount of grease in the materials, which is about 0.8%. There are two advantages to add grease one is to reduce wear and improve the service life of the machine. The second is that the material becomes easy for forming, so as to increase its production efficiency. You should note that, the adding amount should be kept, which not be too much.

6. The water should be controlled in about 13%. For biomass fuel, the material moisture must be strictly controlled, which is the premise for the pressing of materials, if the water is too high, the finished particles are very loose.

7. Finally, the cleaning and maintenance of straw pellet machine is the important link, thorough cleaning and regular maintenance are the basic guarantee to increase the working efficiency of pellet making equipment.

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