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How to Extend the Service Life of Roll Crusher?

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

From the customer's point, the cost of purchasing equipment is as important as investment costs. The investment cost includes not only the purchase price of the equipment, but also the cost of repairing and replacing parts during its using process. In addition, the equipment service life, production efficiency and finished product size are also considered by the customer.

As one of the crushing equipment, roll crusher will suffer wear problem after the long term running work. As a professional roll crusher manufacturer, Fote Machinery offers you a variety of suggestions of extending the service life of roll crusher.

Roll Crusher

1. Ensure uniform feeding of roller crusher and avoid the cumulate feeding and lateral feeding to prevent the unilateral overload.

2. After the normal operation of the roll crusher, the material feeding operation can be made. Before the shutdown of the roll crusher, the feeding work must be stopped. You turn off the motor only when the crushed materials in the crushing cavity are completely discharged.

3. If the crusher halts because of the crushed material blockage in the crushing cavity, please turn off the motor immediately. Restart the roll crusher only when materials are cleared.

4. Under the normal circumstance, the roller crusher bearing temperature does not exceed 35℃, and the maximum temperature need be under 70℃. Please stop running operation and identify the reasons when the temperature of roll crusher exceeds 70℃.

5. Use another side of the toothed plate when one side is worn.

6. Please avoid further abrasion of roll crusher caused by rust. Do not forget to cover roll crusher, avoiding the steam oxidation of the rain and air. This measure will effectively extend the service life of roll crusher.

Fote machinery has roll crusher for sale now. With long service life and strong abrasive resistance, roll crusher in Fote Machinery is strongly favored by customers at home and abroad. To gain the latest price list and models, please send an email to

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