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How to Solve the Problem of Material Blockage in Crusher?

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

Material blockage problem will affect the equipment production efficiency or even results in serious failure and damage of crusher. Therefore, how to prevent and solve the problem of material blockage is very important. Now Fote Machinery gives you answers.

1. Material Preprocessing

It is better to make pre-screening and pre-washing operations for materials with large humidity and viscosity to reduce the crushing difficulty.


2. Tightness Degree Adjustment of Triangle Belt

With the sheave rotation, a large number of materials can not be crushed and stuck in the crusher chamber because of the much loose triangle belt, resulting in material blockage. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the tightness to a proper degree.

3. Observe the Running of Eccentric Shaft

When the eccentric shaft tightening bushing looses, the eccentric shaft will be stuck affecting the normal running of crusher. So operators must pay attention to the running of eccentric shaft.

4. Install the Alarm Device

Running current of belt conveyor is associated with the number of materials in the lower chamber of crusher. Large amount of materials is easy to cause the crusher halt. According to this feature, it is better to install an alarm device in the roll crusher feeding port to connect with the relay. When the belt conveyor reaches the set current value, the relay will pull in. Then the alarm device stops feeding operation timely.

In some ways, solving the material blockage problem saves production costs. Therefore, operators need use multi-pronged approach to solve the problem and guarantee the smooth running of the equipment.

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