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Briquette Machine Maintenance Suggestion from Experienced Engineer Wong

user avatar By Dora Editer
Briquette machine maintenance advice

In daily production and after-sales service tracking, we often hear some consultation on briquetting machine maintenance. They want to improve the briquette production efficiency through daily maintenance.

Today, after compiling some frequently asked questions, we asked a skilled Fote engineer, engineer Wong, for professional advice to some of them.

Wong is one of skilled Fote engineers with an experience of over 20 years. He is specialized in mining machine design, machinery inspect, etc.


Good morning, engineer Wong. Recently, some customers have encountered several problems with the briquette machine. Could you please analyze them and give some solutions?


Good morning. Sure, I am glad to help.


Thank you. Some customers said that recently the briquette shape is not good. Sometimes, there are unshaped briquettes or dry crack on the surface. Briquette making efficiency is decreased. How to deal with this issue?


Well, it can be analyzed from the following aspects. To avoid the crack on the surface, you can check the amount of water added to see if it is enough recently. If it is not enough, add more water to it.

If the water added is enough and unshaped briquettes still happen, check the material supply and the hydraulic pressure. Insufficient feed hungers the briquette rollers and too-small hydraulic pressure weakens them. Then give enough feed materials and hydraulic pressure.

There is another reason. Some materials with too-high hardness were pressed without attention in the previous operation, or the briquette machine has been used for too long, which results in the deformation of the grooves. Then, it is time to do some replacement.


What a detailed suggestion! Some other customers are encountering the problem that the briquettes are not taken off. What should they do to deal with that, then?


This is also a common problem encountered by customers in briquette production. In general, excessive moisture content of the raw materials, insufficient pressure and rough surface of briquette roller grooves may lead to such a situation when briquette making machine works.

To solve this problem, we can start with the following aspects.

1. Dewater the raw material to a suitable extent;
2. Increase the hydraulic pressure of the briquetting machine;
3. Each time after the briquette machine operation, timely remove the oddments in the grooves to ensure the smooth surface. 


You're right. It seems that a good habit is also an effective way to improve the briquette making efficiency. Another consultation. The briquette making customer said that the grooves of the briquette machine has been misplaced recently. Are there any suggestions?


It may be caused by the match among bolts of the sleeve and between the roller and the bearing. Loose bolts or loose rolls and bearings will cause the grooves misplaced. To correct it, tighten the bolt or replace the roller and the bearing after adjusting the grooves. 


Targeted treatment makes you get rid of difficulties! One last small problem, what shall we do to deal with the insufficient oil pressure of the hydraulic system?


Insufficient oil pressure of the briquette machine is usually caused by a block in the oil suction or by a deformed seal at the joint. What we need to do is to keep the daily cleaning on oil suction port and other parts of the briquette machine, and timely check and replace the deformed gasket.


Daily operation does matter a lot. Daily cleaning and inspection also play their part in improving the briquette production machine efficiency while doing a standard operation. Thank you very much for your time, engineer Wong. I believe that your professional answer will be of great help to our customers.


You're welcome. Solving customers' problems has always been Fote's tenet.

Brquette Machine Mentioned in this paper

Brquette Machine Mentioned in this Paper

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