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Advanced High Efficiency Concentrator

High Efficiency Concentrator

Precipitation Area: 2.54-7846㎡
Applied Mterial:Slime, waste water, waste slag, tailings in concentrator factory, etc.

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Introduction of High Efficiency Concentrator

Thickener (also known as thickener or agitator) is suitable for concentrate and tailings dehydration treatment during the beneficiation process to increase the slurry concentration from 20-30% to 40-70%. It is of great significance to improve the utilization rate of backwater, the concentration of bottom flow and protect the environment. In fact, the high efficiency concentrator is not a kind of simple sedimentation equipment, but a new type of dehydration equipment combined with the characteristics of mud layer filtration. It is divided into central transmission type, peripheral transmission type, sludge, intermittent type, vertical flow and continuous thickener.

High Efficiency Concentrator.jpg

The Features of High Efficiency Concentrator

High Efficiency Concentrator.jpg

The Structure Device of High Efficiency Concentrator

The high efficiency concentrator generally consists of the thickener pool, transmission device, lifting device, feeding device, unloading device and signal safety device. The main feature of this machine is to add a certain amount of flocculant to the pulp to be concentrated, so that the ore particles in the pulp will form flocculation groups and accelerate its settlement rate, so as to improve the concentration efficiency.

Applications of High Efficiency Concentrator

High efficiency concentrator is suitable for dehydration, concentration and treatment of tailings in concentrator factory, and widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, non-metallic mineral processing, environmental protection and other industries.

High Efficiency Concentrator Application.jpg

The Applications of High Efficiency Concentrator

The Working Principle of High Efficiency Concentrator

Increasing the size of solid particles in slurry and the settlement area of high-efficiency concentrator can improve the processing capacity of high-efficiency concentrator. The particle size of settling particles can be increased by adding flocculant to high-efficiency concentrator to make fine particles agglomerate. The inclined plate in the high-efficiency concentrator can increase the settlement area, shorten the settlement distance of particles and improve the concentration efficiency. The test and industrial production shows that under the same processing capacity, the diameter of the high-efficiency thickener is only two-thirds to half of the diameter of the ordinary thickener, and the area is about one-ninth to one-fourth of the ordinary thickener, while the processing capacity per unit area can be increased several times to dozens of times.

Customer Case

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General Specification

NZS-1Φ1.8m1.81.82.54手动0.162Y90L-6 1.1KW  ----5.61.9
NZS-3Φ3.6m3.61.810.2手动0.352.5Y90L-6 1.1KW  ----22.44.3
NZS-6Φ6m6328.3手动0.23.7Y90S-4 1.1KW  ----6210.7
NZSF-6Φ6m6328.3手动 3.7Y90S-4 1.1KW  ----625.1
NZ-9Φ9m9363.6自动0.254.34Y132S-6 3KWXWD0.8-3 0.8KW1408.5
NZS-9Φ9m9363.6手动0.254.34Y132S-6 3KW  ----1407.5
NZS-12Φ12m123.5113手动0.255.28JTC752A-44 5.2KW  ----25011.1
NZ-15Φ15m154.4176自动0.410.4JJTC752A-44 5.2KWY112M-6 2.2KW35026.0
NZ-20Φ20m204.4314自动0.410.4Y100L1-4 5.2KWY112M-6 2.2KW96028.9
NZ-30Φ30m307.165707----0.6113.7Y672A-44 5.2KWYCJ132-S 1.5KW  ----36.6
NZS-45Φ45m454.6331590手动----20Y672A-44 5.2KWYCJ160-S 2.2KW  51554.4
NT-15Φ15m153.5177  ----  ----8.4Y132M2-6 5.5KW  ----39012.6
NQ-18Φ18m183.5255  ----  ----10Y132M2-6 5.5KW---- 56011.6
NQ-24Φ24m243.4452  ----  ----12.7Y160M-6 7.5KW---- 100026.6
NQ-30Φ30m303.6707  ----  ----16Y160M-6 7.5KW---- 157030.9
NJ-38Φ38m384.91134  ----  ----10-25JZT252-4 11KWY160M-6 7.5KW160063.3
NT-45Φ45m455.051590  自动  ----19.3Y160L-6 11KW  ----240066.8
NTJ-53Φ53m535.072202--------23.18Y180L-6 15kw----625089.1
NT-100Φ100m1005.657846  ----  ----43Y180L-6 15KW  ----3030214.9
NZ-30Φ30m  ----
NZS-45Φ45m  515

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