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The Recycling Feasibility of the Construction Waste in Road Construction

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

With the speedup of urbanization and industrialization development, the construction waste emerges sharply, which indicates that the emissions peak of construction waste is coming. At present, in domestic the construction waste is still simply backfilled under ground. Because of the non-degradation of construction waste, landfill will bring disastrous consequences for our society. 

construction waste crusher

This simple processing method has many disadvantages such as consuming large land and human resources, high transport cost, wasting arable land and long-term damage to the environment. Faced up with such a serious situation, how to deal with and make use of the construction waste have become the most urgent problem to solve by all levels of government departments and other relevant departments.

Construction Waste Recycling Plant

Construction waste is constituted by inorganic substances like waste concrete, bricks, stone, sand and soil, etc. Because of its high intensity, strong hardness, wear resistance, impact toughness, frost resistance and water resistance, etc., construction waste has fairly good physical and chemical stability, superior to clay, powder soil, sandy soil and even lime soil.

 Construction waste is the rare good-water-stability building materials for road engineering. For example, the aggregate produced by waste building concrete, bricks and sand, can be used to produce the corresponding strength-grade concrete and mortar. Or to be used for road pavement base after being added the solidification materials. Classifying types of construction waste together with conducting physical mechanical performance test of all kinds of construction waste, has obvious practical significance and economic benefits, in addition to environmental protection.

The most constituents of construction waste can be turned into renewable resources and recycled products. Construction waste recycling technologies and the perfection and promotion of related laws and regulations in China, is sure to make new contributions to improving economic benefits and protecting the environment.

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