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The Safe Operation of Magnetic Separator Benefits Users a Lot

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

Magnetic separator as an important segment in mineral processing equipment production line, is one of the most widely used general machinery, mainly aimed at recourse recycling.

The safe operation of magnetic separator is of great importance. Therefore, Fote Machinery suggests to strictly comply with the regulations and operation rules of magnetic separator in operation.

1. First of all, clean up the sundries in the process of transporting, loading and unloading, and then clean up the cylinder of magnetic separator. Fasten loose bolts and proceed to rotate the magnetic separator with hand, ensuring that there is no collisions and noise.

Magnetic Separator

2. Add lubricating oil to the reducer, the fueling amount referring to the instructions on oil window. Magnetic separators leaving factory for a long time or running in an outside environment where temperature is below - 5 Celsius or beyond 35 Celsius should be fueled or replaced lubricating oil according to the local environment.

3. Power supply. Test run unloaded for at least 3 hours normally before feeding materials.

4. Adjust the magnetic system and screws. Generally the magnetic lines exposing the stainless steel plate for15 to 20 mm is appropriate for smoothly discharging.

5. When shut down, stop feeding first and make the magnetic separator continue to work. Stop the magnetic separator until the material is run out of. When booting, first to start up the magnetic separator and then feed water before adding materials.

6. The active parts of magnetic separator should be maintained and lubricated regularly and the screws should be tightened in time.

Each staff is responsible for the safe operation of magnetic separator. As a processional manufacturer of ore processing equipment, we hope to bring about benefits and wealth to our users by our magnetic separators.

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