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Quartz Sand Production Line Injects New Vitality for Machinery Industry

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

Quartz sand has unique physical and chemical properties, which make it occupies a decisive position in aviation, aerospace, electronic, mechanical, and the fast-developing IT industries. Because of its piezoelectric effect, resonance effect and unique optical properties, quartz sand plays a more and more important role in many high-tech products. FTM quartz sand production line provides a powerful support for the production and processing of quartz sand. Fote Machinery continuously innovate new technologies and injects new vitality for domestic sand making industry and accelerates the rapid development of mining machinery industry.

Quartz Sand Production Line

FTM quartz sand production line is of high level of automation, low operation cost, high crushing rate, low energy consumption, large output, little pollution and convenient maintenance. This production line has two kinds of refining processes. One is dry quartz sand production line, and the other is wet quartz sand production line. The technological process of dry quartz sand production line is as following. 

The quartz minerals, according to particle size, proceed to jaw crusher and impact crusher in turn, processed into smaller stones, then pass through the quartz sand making machine, processed into sand, and then go through the vibrating screen for screening. In the screening course, make use of bar magnet to remove the irons mixed in the sand. In the wet quartz sand production line, the quartz stone minerals first are processed into smaller stones by crushers and then processed into sand by the quartz sand making machine, and next to be sent to the sedimentation tank of the sand washing machine. Finally, convey the sand in the sedimentation tank into the sand dryer for drying.

The mechanism sand produced by FTM quartz sand production line is of uniform granularity, good particle shape and reasonable grading, absolutely meeting to the national standards of building sand. FTM quartz sand production line is widely used in glass, casting, ceramic, refractory materials, metallurgy, construction, chemical, plastic, rubber, abrasive and many other industries.

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