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The Cautions When Loading Steel Balls to Ball Mill

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

The grinding balls fed into ball mill must be determined in accordance with the physical and mechanical properties and particle size of the ores, completely eradicating arbitrary addition. If the dimension of the steel ball added is not appropriate, it will seriously affect the grinding effect. The following are two cases often encountered in concentration plants.

When the processing materials are too large in granularity or hardness, if the proportion of the big ball added is decreased, at this time, it will lead to the grinding minerals running coarse and thus not meeting the required fineness. Meanwhile, it will limit the processing capacity and further affect the grinding efficiency of ball mill.

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When ore granularity and hardness are relatively lower, if the adding proportion of small balls is small, it can also cause the products coarse granularity. At this time, we should appropriately replenish small balls to increase its ratio, in order to get a better product fineness.

When adding balls to ball mill, we must be in strict accordance with the proportion, to avoid disproportionality. Meanwhile, we still have to know how to determine the proportions of different grinding balls.

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When processing these ores with large particle size and high hardness, it usually needs huge impact force, so we should load such steel balls with large dimension; When processing ores with low hardness, small granularity, and fine product fineness request, it should give priority to grinding and we can add in an appropriate amount of steel balls with smaller size.

Ball mills in the production site of ore dressing plants are generally filled with multiple-dimension steel balls and process the materials comprised by different mineral particles according to different proportion. Theoretically, only all the steel balls in appropriate proportion can make sure to be fit for the granularity composition of the ground materials and achieve excellent grinding effect.

All in all, the proportion of steel balls has always been a complex technical problem. In generally, nearly all the ore dressing plants are generally based on the actual situation of their own ores and find out the reasonable ball loading proportion after a long term of practice and summary.

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