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Reasons for Jaw Crusher Abrasion

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

As we all know, it is inevitable that there will be abrasion in the course of the jaw crusher operation. The fast wear and serious damage of the jaw crusher will led to the significant reduction of the production efficiency and will seriously affect the entire production process. Therefore, it is pivotal to find the jaw crusher abrasion reasons and solve it effectively.

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Fote Jaw Crusher

Firstly, the unreasonable structure design of the jaw crusher, the low-quality component production material will cause the wear of the jaw crusher. Besides, some unqualified component quality, the wrong equipment operation and improper installation will also lead to the abrasion of the jaw crusher.

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The second point that is also the most important reason is that the friction between the various parts changes the geometry shape and the size in the running operation of the jaw crusher. Wear caused by this reason is formed more slowly and its damage will not be caused in the short term. However, wear will increase the mechanical contact clearance between the parts. Components which should work together will not make a regular combination because of the increased gap, leading to the low production capacity for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to change the worn components in time to guarantee the stable running operation of the jaw crusher.

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