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 Pressure Adjustable Slurry Briquetting Machine

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Slurry Briquetting Machine

Warranty Period: 1 Year
Applied Materials: Iron oxide, sludge iron power, coking coal, refractory material, etc. in the coal industry, power plants, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, energy, transportation, heating, and other industries.

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Introduction of Slurry Briquetting Machine

Slurry refers to the semi solid materials formed by coal and water, which is a kind of product in the coal production process. Due to the varieties and formation natures of materials, their properties difference is very big, which is the same as their usages. Slurry briquetting machine or coal slime briquetting machine is mainly used for pressing slurry into balls and blocks, which can be directly put into the furnace for smelting, so as to increase the added value.

Slurry briquetting machine or coal slime press is mainly used for grouting with high pressure, automatic feeding and other characteristics. The pressed particles have high density and hardness. The series of briquetting machine equipment also includes coal briquetting machine, desulfurization gypsum briquetting machine, ore powder briquetting machine.

Working Principle of Slurry Briquetting Machine

The slurry briquette machine is the key equipment of the slurry pressing technology, and its structure directly affects the quality of the size. The main type of press machine is roller press, and it has a pair of parallel shaft, the same diameter and a certain gap of a cylindrical wheel, and there are many hemispherical pits of the same shape and size arranged in regular order. Driven by an electric motor, the twin cylinders rotate at the same speed and in opposite directions. As the material falls into the joint of the twin-cylinder wheels, they begin to withstand pressure and generate volume compression between the two ball pits. As the cylinder wheel continues to rotate, the pit will gradually close and the pressure will increase. Pressure peaks when the distance between the two ball pits is minimized. The cylindrical wheel would then rotate away from each other and the pressure would drop rapidly. When the pressing pressure drops to zero, the precipitated slurry expands and falls off.

Slurry Briquetting Machine Working Principle.jpg

Working Principle of Slurry Briquetting Machine

Applications of Slurry Briquetting Machine

The slurry briquette machinery is widely used in the coal industry, power plants, metallurgy industry, refractory material, chemical industry, energy, transportation, heating, and other industries. For processing coal slimes into briquettes that can be utilized for electricity-generating in power plant, gas making, boiler burning, calcining lime, metal smelting, etc. This coal lime briquetting machine manufactured by Fote Machinery is a great project that is energy-saving and eco-friendly. Using this roller press briquetting machine, your enterprise will obtain enormous economic benefit. 

Slurry Briquetting Machine Application.jpg

Applications of Slurry Briquetting Machine

Advantages of Slurry Briquetting Machine

Slurry briquetting machine is aimed at the material which is difficult to mold, so the materials can take shape at one time. It has the features of high pressure, automatic feeding, high extruded sphere density, high strength, and high hardness. It can suppress coal slime into certain shape. The slurry briquetting machine produced by Fote Machinery adopts wear-resisting material, which has good abrasion resistance, so as to improve the service life of the pressing roller. The design principle of the slurry briquette machine is to force the extrusion roller, and the extruded ball has very high density.

Slurry Briquetting Machine Features.jpg

Customer Case

Slurry briquetting machine Site.jpg

Fote Machinery Manufacturer

Slurry briquetting machine, coal slag briquetting machine and coal breeze briquetting machine are the new flagship products of Fote Machinery, which have reliable quality, perfect service and favorable price. It has extraordinary effect on loose materials. Welcome to consult product details.

General Specification

Model Roll diameter
Roll width
Total pressure
Main motor power
GY520-150 520 196 150 55 2.2-3.5 13
GY650-220 650 200 220 110 4-6.5 19.2
GY750-300 750 280 300 185 6-8.5 34
GY1000-350 1000 440 350 250 10-15 50.8
GY1000-450 1000 504 450 280 14-17 58.5
GY1000-500 1000 504 500 315 15-20 58.5
GYS1000-500 1000 600 500 280 17-21 56.5
GY1000-540 1000 900 540 185Kw×2 30-35 60
GY1200-800 1200 900 800 280Kw×2 40 110
GY1400-1000 1400 1000 1000 400Kw×2 50 156
Model Roll diameter
Roll width
Total pressure
GY520-150 520 196 150
GY650-220 650 200 220
GY750-300 750 280 300
GY1000-350 1000 440 350
GY1000-450 1000 504 450
GY1000-500 1000 504 500
GYS1000-500 1000 600 500
GY1000-540 1000 900 540
GY1200-800 1200 900 800
GY1400-1000 1400 1000 1000

Briquetting Plant

Power: 7.5-30kw

Capacity: 4-18TPH

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Metal Powder Briquetting Machine

Feed Size: 0-5mm

Capacity: 2.2-50TPH

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Coal Briquetting Machine

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Capacity: 2-35TPH

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Pulverized Coal Briquetting Machine



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Gypsum Briquetting Machine


Briquette Size:30-60mm or customerized

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Lime Briquetting Machine

Capacity: 1-30TPH

Discharge Size: 30-60mm or Customized

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Mineral Powder Briquetting Machine



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Dry Powder Briquetting Machine

Power: 37-55kw

Capacity: 1-18TPH

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