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Fote Machinery Focuses on Developing Large-Scale Gravel Production Line

user avatar By Fote Machinery Editer

According to the difference in particle size, sand and gravel aggregates can be divided into gravel and artificial sand. Both are closely related to the quality of concrete. Generally, the smaller projects can purchase aggregates from the nearby small-size quarries or stone aggregate factories, but for the national infrastructure projects, they usually have a larger demand for sand and gravel aggregate and higher requirement on its quantity. The ordinary small-size quarries can't satisfy the need of large-scale infrastructure projects at all.

Gravel Production Line

It is reported that more and more engineering projects are starting to build their own sand aggregate production line or gravel production line, which accordingly brings a huge development to the manufacturing industry of stone crushing machinery. To cater to this trend, Fote Machinery begins to focus on developing large-scale gravel production line.

Stone crusher is designed to crush hard and medium hard rocks and ores. Stone crusher's working principle determines its finished products even in granularity and easy to use. Stone crusher takes advantage of the impact crushing principle when acting on stone materials. Its discharging granularity conforms to the universal requirement of construction materials and road materials.

Gravel production line departs somewhat from mechanism sand production line. Mechanism sand production line is mainly aimed at making sand and its key equipment is sand making machine. While gravel production line is mainly aimed at processing stones and aggregates, and its major devices are jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher. Crusher technology development is a long-term task, which must be closely combined with the market. In particular, it requires a long process to translate the scientific achievements into productivity. So we must put forward the short-term and long-term goals and must have an outstanding leader for research and development together with some excellent teammates. Only in this way, can it truly play the role of R&D center.

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