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Resource Recycling Equipment - Hammer Crusher

user avatar By Dora Editer

Recently, a crusher in the Fote Machinery is very popular with customers, that is the hammer crusher. The hammer crusher not only breaks rocks, also break glass. The design of the hammer crusher is also a combination of environmental protection which is a problem that every country also attaches to. Usually, we are emphasizing white pollution, but glass that is everywhere can also pollute our ecological environment. An effective way to reduce glass pollution is to recycle.

The composition of ordinary glass is mainly silica (SiO2, which is quartz, the main component of sand). Broken glass is still very useful and can be recycled, such as in doors and windows, furniture, etc. Let’s talk about the tools for breaking glass.

Hammer Crusher.jpg

Small Glass Crushing Machine-Hammer Crusher

There are many kinds of glass crusher in the market. The ordinary hammer mill and hammer crushing machine can be used to break the glass. The working principle of glass hammer crusher is based on impact force and it is suitable for the rough crushing and fine grinding of brittle materials. The hammer crusher is mainly used for medium and small cement raw meal plant, and break clinker, building sand, iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, coal gangue, lump coal, glass, ceramics and other medium and hard ore crushing.

Fote glass bottle crushers are widely used to crush and recycle bottle in food, hotel, bar, bottling plant, recycling center, kitchen, and lab, which save both time and labor. It's no doubt that small glass crushing machines are the best choice for customers to reduce glass recycling costs.

Hammer Crusher.gif

The Characteristics of Glass Hammer Crusher

The glass crushing machine has the following advantages:

The machine also has the advantages of a small occupied area, simple operation, safety, and convenience.

Hammer Crusher Structural Advantage.jpg

Small Glass Bottle Crushing Machine

Bars and hotels have a large accumulation of empty bottles every day. In order to save stacking space, a small glass bottle crusher is needed. Such a glass bottle crusher must have low noise and high output requirements, meanwhile, the appearance must be beautiful. Otherwise, it can't fit in with the bar decoration style.

In glass bottle recycling, it's generally to crush the glasses first, and then reuse. There is various glass bottle crushing machines for customers to choose, such as mini hammer crusher and glass bottle hammer crusher. Both of them can be used to crush all kinds of glass.

Glass crushing machine has a very good effect on glass crushing, which has the advantages of good crushing effect, small grain size, high crushing efficiency, etc. Glass bottle crushers greatly save storing space and shipping costs for customers.

Compared with plastic products, glass is more environmentally friendly. Manufacturers will recycle a large amount of broken glass, which will be disinfected and melted at high temperature, then re-formed and used.

Because in the natural decomposition, the glass bottle takes 1000 years to disappear.

In summary, the used glass bottles should not be discarded, and shall be crush and reuse together.

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