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Gold Shaking Table from FTM

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Shaking Table

Applied Materials: Tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, antimony, bismuth, iron, manganese, titanium and coal, heavy metal materials, and other metal ore materials, etc.

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The Information of Shaking Table

Shaking table is a gravity separation machine used to separate fine materials, which has been widely used in many industries. It can adopt different working modes such as coarse separation, fine separation and cleaning. It is widely used in the selection of tin, tungsten, gold and silver, lead, zinc, antimony, iron, manganese, ferrotitanium and coal. Our factory has a long history of production of shaker table, and constantly develops and innovates, from straight bed surface shaker to single curved wave bed surface shaker (1970s). The treatment capacity, recovery rate and enrichment ratio of double wave bed surface shaker (1990s) were greatly improved.

Gold Shaker Table

Gold shaker table is one of the most important gold separating equipment. Gold generally exists in highly dispersed form in nature, especially alluvial gold. The most widely used in the sorting method of alluvial gold is using the shaking table. Because the gold has high density and certain  weight, therefore, adopting the shaking table to separate gold can obtain the final product for one time, which is economical and convenient. In addition, one person can control many shaking tables at the same time, which can save manpower and material resources.

Shaking Table.jpg

The Application Fields of Shaking Table

Shaking table has been widely applied in many industries, which can conduct different working modes such as rough separation, fine separation and scavenging. It is suitable for separating gold,silver, tungsten, zinc, iron, manganese, lead, coal and other metal or heavy metal materials. Shaking table is suitable for 2-0.5mm coarse sand, 0.5-0.074mm fine sand and slime in different granularity. When processing tungsten, tin and other metal ore materials, the effective recovery range of shaking table is 2-0.22mm.

Shaking Table Application.jpg

The Applications of Shaking Table

Performance Characteristics of Shaking Table

Shaking Table Operation.jpg

Working Principle of Shaking Table

The motor of the shaking table is driven by a belt to cause the pulley to drive the crankshaft of the shaker device to rotate the rocker up and down. As the rocker moves down, the material comes in through the chute on the tilting table, and the shaker flume provides lateral shock water so that it vibrates and flushes at the same time. Minerals with different specific gravity, particle size and density flow out of the concentrate mouth and tailings mouth of the shaker in respectively different directions to form high quality concentrate. Due to the continuous upgrading of mine shaking table, the processing capacity and accuracy of mine shaker has been greatly improved.

Shaking Table Working Structure.jpg

The Working structure of Shaking Table

Customer Case

Shaking Table Site .jpg

Shaking Table Site .jpg

Shaking Table Manufacturer

As a powerful ore dressing equipment manufacturer, Fote Machinery has gold shaking table for sale, which has high separating efficiency, low energy consumption, and simple operation. In addition, FTM shaking table price is preferential in the same industry. Welcome to make an inquiry!

General Specification

Name Grit 
Fine sand 
Bed surface 
4450 4450 4450
part Width
1855 1855 1855
part Width
1546 1546 1546
2 0.5 0.15
30-60 10-20 15-25
25-30 20-25 15-25
16-22 11-16 8-16
45-48 48-53 50-57
Bed surface 
Water quantity
80-150 30-60 10-17
Bed surface 
2.5-4.5 1.5-3.5 1-2
Bed surface 
1.4 0.92 ----
Table board 
32-42 40 42
7.6 7.6 7.6
Bed surface 
Length ratio
2.6 2.6 2.6
Shape of 
Rectangle Zigzag Triangle
1.1 1.1 1.1
Eccentricity Linkage
Note: Data may change for the improving technology; we reserve the right of changing without notice; Machine performance may vary depending on application; for more details, please chat online with Fote engineers.
Name Max.feeding 
Bed surface 
Water quantity
2 80-150
Fine sand 
0.5 30-60
0.15 10-17
Note: Data may change for the improving technology; we reserve the right of changing without notice; Machine performance may vary depending on application; for more details, please chat online with Fote engineers.

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